Indian Payments Landscape After COVID-19


Indian Payments Landscape After COVID-19

Digital payments were already in existence in India. The usage of digital payment has flown in every field since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Along with rising fear of Covid-19 spread, the physical transactions have almost crashed. The digital payments in India have reached an exponential height during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has given this growth a massive boost. Especially in 2020 during pandemic, digital payments touched a record high. With concerns over corona virus infection from visiting bank branches and using currency notes, many people not only in metros cities but also in smaller towns have started payments using their smart phones and even banks are providing loans with such payment gateways with simple online documentation to avoid the crowd and contact.

During pandemic, digital payment platforms have not only just seen a hike in the number of transactions but also the number of downloads of payment gateways have also almost doubled.

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