About Us


At Bhartipay we work hard to make online transactions quick, easy and secure.

  • Bhartipay is an innovative and ultra-proficient e-Payment service provider. It offers Fintech services across the globe using the internet and top-grade payment tools. Our online payment gateway services encompass white label solutions, e-payment wallets, e-commerce services, online remittance, and merchant account.
  • We are rapidly thriving as an independent and well-reputed services provider on the global level. Our efficient online payment gateway service provider bestow merchants with top-notch payment gateway services that are designed according to them and is ultra-safe and secure.
  • With a multiyear experience and proficient squad, we determine the needs and requirements of our clients before they realize them.
  • our know-how predictability helps us in delivering the above par result while retaining the economy.
  • Our online payment gateway services allow you to take and make transactions with utmost ease and flawlessness like never before.

Settlement & Real-time transaction reports

  • Along with these, we provision settlement and real-time transaction reports via our safe and secure web portal. Moreover, we can say that it gives you an insight into the number of successful transactions made and if there was any false transaction.
  • Our expert technical and sales staff is available round the go to resolve your every concern related to online payment gateway services. We always strive to make ourselves convenient and accessible whenever you need us. Our payment gateway solutions are capable of provisioning clientele services that are up to the ballpark. Also, it ensures a steady growth through the entire life-cycle of our services.
  • The main motto of our organization is to promote, strengthen, and develop online payment gateway services in India. Thus, it maximizes the buyer’s flexibility and merchant’s ease of collecting the revenue.

Reporting & Analytics

Our Merchant panel is outstanding in terms of reporting & analytical view. Also, It gives you a detailed report about the transactions.

Secure & Risk Free

We do follow all the risk rules set at our fraud management engine. Above all, it gives peace of mind to the merchants.

Devices & Browsers

We do support all the major devices and browsers. Thus, the chances of losing customers are negligible. Finally, it will help you with getting a better conversion ratio.

Multi Currency Support

We do not limit you of borders, merchants at BhartiPay can accept payments in multiple currencies*.