Education Sector

School Fee Management with online payment gateway

Education is always a valuable resource and parents are investing big money in it to secure their child’s future. Now educational institutions are transforming the most important aspects of managing educational institutes into an effortless operation, for instance, Fee processing. During the covid-19 pandemic, the fee processing methods have been changed. Now educational institution manages their student Fee receipt on a digital platform.

Now, the educational institution uses ERP software to keep track of student fees. This ERP software enables online payments with a robust payment gateway to further automate the collection process. it send notifications before fees are due and to defaulters. So institutes have provided numerous ways for parents to pay fees online.


Bhartipay payment gateway provides a facility for the institute to manage such fees in the best possible way along with ERP Software. Bhartipay payment gateway with ERP Software enables efficient collection and disbursement of payments.

  • With Bhartipay, the educational institution gets hassle-free payment integration and safe & secure payment processing.
  • Bhartipay product includes QR code payments, thus, supporting educational institutions to accept and disburse payments seamlessly.
  • With Bhartipay, not only you can manage your fee installments, but parents can also adjust their installments by paying in advance as per their convenience.
  • Institutes can manage the installments fee transactions digitally.
  • Parents can deposit the fees through Bhartipay online gateway and no longer need to visit the school physically.
  • Bhartipay Integrated payment gateway receives payments online and also manages the refund.
  • Using the online payment gateway, no fee counters are required; cash handling is minimal and no long queues at cash/ bank counters.
  • By paying fees online, you can save late fees because you can pay it at your ease from your place.
  • No need for High-Cost Servers, UPS, computers, printers, and networking for fees collection. It saves on infrastructure costs.
  • With the Bhartipay payment gateway, educational institutions get access to 100+ payment modes such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets, and more.