BhartiPay Always welcomes partners

Resellers/Partners have a great opportunity to add on to their revenue just by recommending their customers our name and rest BhartiPay team will take care of your customers and help them onboarding accept payments online. BhartiPay remains transparent with all its resellers in sharing the revenue what the recommended merchant processes.

Development & Marketing Agencies

Development House, Freelancers or Marketing agencies have really great opportunity to earn on setup as well as the recurring transactions volume which at a stage will add real handsome RECURRING income added as monthly revenue.

SAAS/PAAS Companies

We can be there for your customers/clients serving with best of our services, Our team will help you integrating our services with your platform/environment so for every merchant you onboard, you can get recurring incentives depending on the volume your customers process using your PAAS/SAAS Services.


We at bhartipay welcome Partners and Resellers of every segment, small, medium & Enterprise.

We educate and help with ongoing sessions, what we call as CHAI SAMOSA MEET where we help teams to meet each other and explains about our product as well as the industry updates and the marketing strategies on how to convince your customers to board with us.
Dedicated account managers are appointed who will help you with the queries of your team, customers over the email, calls or other such suitable communication medium.

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